The cellular respiration rate.

Describe the cellular mechanism by which thyroid function influences cellular respiration rate. What happens in a respiring cell when hypothyroid conditions occur? What about hyperthyroid conditions? How do the authors intend to improve understanding of thyroid hormones and their effect on cellular respiration?Without becoming mired in the mathematics involved, discuss the methodological approaches employed bythe authors. How did they estimate respiration rate in hepatocytes? (What’s a hepatocyte?) How did they estimate ATP content? What did the authors use radioactive isotopes for in the study? What did they useelectron microscopy for?The authors use the arcane notation ‘ΔΨm’ to refer to mitochondrial membrane potential, which is displayedon the y-axis of nearly every graph presented. Briefly summarize the authors’ findings with regard tomitochondrial membrane potential in rats of varying thyroid function. How do the differences translate to otheraspects of respiratory function at the cellular level?A goal of this course is to improve your technical literacy in biology. Indicate how information presented in class (via lecture, lab, or textbook) contributed to your comprehension of the assigned article.

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The cellular respiration rate.


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