THE Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (CASM)

Paper instructions

-Create your Analysis Plan for the proposal by entering information directly in this template. Use this template in place of a title page for your proposal.

-The topic and the draft research topic and questions are attached as well. It is necessary to complete the template and the whole proposal. But PLEASE BE SPECIFIC IN THE TOPIC AND DO NOT TALK ABOUT SPORTS IN GENERAL.

THE Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (CASM) framework is very important too (part of course readings)-Your proposal should include the following components (use subheadings for each section):1) Analysis Plan: Complete an analysis plan using the Word template provided on D2L (3-4 pages).Identify your research question and hypotheses, the variables you will use to test each hypothesis and the survey question(s) used to generate each variable. State the level of measurement of the variables in each hypothesis, and the statistical procedures you will use to assess the magnitude and reliability of each bivariate relationship. Note: For the purpose of statistical significance testing, you will pretend that you have a randomly selected sample from a population of university students. Use the completed analysis plan instead of a title page for your proposal.2) Justification for Research Question/Hypotheses – Use current, scholarly social science literature to justify your research question and each of your two bivariate hypotheses. Using the results of published research, explain why and how you expect that each pair of variables will be related to each other. Personal experiences or beliefs about the relationship are not a valid justification. Be sure to incorporate literature that refers to Canada (or North America) and that uses sociological concepts and theories. (2-3 pages)3) Description of Question Design: Describe the choices you made around the design of each of the survey questions that will be used as variables in your hypotheses (i.e. the 3 or 4 survey questions from 3b, 4b, 7b and 8b in your Analysis Plan). Be sure to discuss your decisions around how to word the question and your selection of response options. Use the course readings to provide a rationale for your decisions. For questions sourced from elsewhere, identify the question source and explain why you selected it, as well as any adaptations you made. For questions from the demographic survey, state whether or not you would have preferred to ask the question differently (and if so, the changes you would make). (3-4 pages)Include a Works Cited page at the end of your proposal.

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THE Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (CASM)


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