The Condominium Association

Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Course Content.Submit learning activities to the Assignment Folder.Refer to course materials, cases, and/or statutes to support conclusions.Learning Activity: due 11:59 pm ET, Saturday.Background: You and Chong are continuing to work on the Hastings case. Chong explains that synthesizingwill help in the preparation of Hastings’ case. She describes synthesis as the process of collecting severalpieces of information and law and tying (synthesizing) them together. The process of synthesizing involves:Examining the holding of a case;Analyzing and explaining the standards, factors, criteria, and reasoning that courts apply to the holding in acase to reach a conclusion and resolve a legal dispute; andDescribing the law and reasoning courts apply to resolve a specific issue.Chong points out when reading cases, statutes, or a set of opinions focused on the same issue, the synthesisapproach is often used to resolve the issue.Chong wants you to draft a Synthesis of the Rationales report in preparation of completing a Synthesis Memo(the complete Synthesis Memo will be completed in Project 1 in week 3) for Hastings’ case.Instructions:

Review the videos Chong has provided for your review (see Overview for links)Brief the following cases relevant to the Hastings case:Deering Woods Condominium Association, 377 Md. 250Joseph, 173 Md. App. 305Maans, 161 Md. App. 620Write a case brief for each of these cases listed above, if you have not already done so.Please Note: do not submit the case briefs with the Synthesis of the Rationales, but the briefing will focus youranalysis.Draft the Synthesis of the Rationales using the cases in #2 above to analyze, explain and synthesize the lawthat applies to each case.The Synthesis should address the following:How to establish a claim of negligence in a slip and fall case;What must be established by the injured party (plaintiff);The defenses available to the property owner (defendant).Format:Synthesis of the RationalesLabel all parts of analysis, as need

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The Condominium Association

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