The efficacy of fetal monitoring.

Jo, a nurse practitioner in Obstetrics, proposes to research the efficacy of fetal monitoring. Her research wouldrequire the use of a fetal scalp monitor during delivery. Having done this hundreds of times in the labor anddelivery section of the hospital, she knew it was not too intrusive a procedure. Therefore, she requestedexempt status from the Institutional Review Board (IRB).1) If you were a member of the IRB for her institution, would you grant it? Explain your answer in a well writtenparagraph. Be sure to adhere to APA standards for scholarly writing. Review your work for use of properspelling, grammar and syntax before posting.2) Complete quality responses to s of a minimum of two of your classmates*Responses toclassmate’s posts such as ‘ I agree with you””good point” or “great post” are not considered quality responses

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The efficacy of fetal monitoring.


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