The focalization internal, external, or a mixture

Discussion 3: Realism, Part I

Narrative Situation. In the following passages, identify the narrative situation.
A. The first page of the story (in the textbook material 3, Separate ways)
B. The paragraph beginning “On the night of the thirtieth of December…” (in the textbook material 7)

Is the narrator autodiegetic, homodiegetic, or heterodiegetic?Is the focalization internal, external, or a mixture? If a mixture, explain.

Breaking New Ground. In what ways is Higuchi doing something we haven’t seen before in any of the readings for this class? How is her story different? How is her style different?Shaping Forces. Which of the following forces seem to shape the lives of Okyo and Kichizo most powerfully? Gender, class, relationships, social pressures. Choose one and explain how it shapes these characters, giving specific examples from the text.

Sample Solution
The focalization internal, external, or a mixture

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