The key concepts of psychology.

Throughout this course, you’re learning how to use problem solving and self and social awareness skills topractice the key concepts of psychology. You’re discovering how self and social awareness and problemsolving work together to help you understand the perspectives of others, examine situations objectively, anduse evidence to develop and make decisions. With this case study assignment, you’ll have the chance to putyour skills to work!Read the case study below and use your problem solving and self and social awareness skills to help a coworker work through a difficult situation.Case Study and QuestionsGloria is a recent college graduate and a single mom to 16-year-old Gary. Gloria and Gary used to be close.But recently, Gloria has noticed that Gary is only focused on what his friends think about him. Gary recentlysnuck out of his bedroom window and went to a party when he was supposed to be studying for a big exam.Gloria caught him coming home and smelled alcohol on his breath and marijuana on his clothes. Gloria isshocked and appalled by her son’s recent behavior and grounded him for two weeks.Gloria comes to you because she needs some advice on how to handle her son’s poor choices. Using whatyou have learned about the adolescent brain and social development in Chapter 3 of the webtext, answer thequestions below to help Gloria understand why her son is making such poor choices, and pose somerecommendations to help her solve her problem:

What happens to teen brains that make it difficult for someone like Gary to weigh risk and reward?Why may Gary value his peers more than his mom?What specific strategies or advice would you recommend that Gloria can do to help her son to make betterdecisionPlace yourself in Gloria’s shoes; how do you think Gloria is feeling? How can understanding her feelingshelp you offer constructive advice?InstructionsUse the Case Study #1 Assignment Template to record your responses. For each question, you should write aparagraph-length response (5-7 sentences) to receive credit for this assignment. You may use your Soomowebtext as a resource. Once you have completed your work, save the file and upload it to the assignmentsubmission area.

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The key concepts of psychology.

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