The Meaningful Use Program and History

Review Chapter 9 of your textbook Integrated Electronic Health Records-Worktext, especially the portions thatdescribe the CMS initiative on Meaningful Use. Your instructor may provide additional suggestions onreferences for this assignment.The Meaningful Use program established incentives and priorities for installation of the EHR by EligibleProviders. Elements of Meaningful Use were revised to be included within the CMS Merit-Based IncentivePayment System and other programs of the CMS. The history of the Meaningful Use program, in terms of thegoals for use of EHR in healthcare facilities and dramatic changes that have occurred in healthcare informationtechnologies as a result, should be understood by future staff in a modern HIM department.Using the suggested references and reading for this module, answer the following questions:What were the goals of the Meaningful Use program?There were three stages of Meaningful Use. How does each stage build upon the previous one?Choose four of the Meaningful Use Criteria from the table below, which was created by CMS during theimplementation of Meaningful Use. For EACH criterion that you chose, please develop a method or approachyou propose to meet that criterion. Your methods should make use of the EHR and related technologies youlearned about in this course, since using EHR effectively is the purpose of the Meaningful Use program.

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The Meaningful Use Program and History


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