The Militarization Of Boarders

The Militarization Of Boarders

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The militarization of borders

Michael Davis


The militarization of borders


The topic discusses why national borders need to be guarded by the military for security purposes as well as prevention of smuggling of illegal goods. In recent years, terrorism has been a major threat globally. As such, militarization plays a major role in thwarting some of the ground attacks and prevent entry of firearms.


Wright, Merissa. (2019). Border Thinking, Borderland Diversity, and Trump’s Wall. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, vol. 109(2): 511-519

Europe has been facing a humanitarian crisis as a result of the increasing number of immigrants from the conflict zones. Refugees and illegal immigrants have been entering the continent illegally creating a porous border because criminals can find their way in. Since the 9/11 attack, border securitization has been improved to ensure maximum security in the country involved. The article is useful because it brings insights about the risk that immigration brings to the entire continent of Europe. It has been published in Annals of the American Association of Geographers journal which provides reliable and credible information.

Amy Lind, A & Marchand, M. (2016). Engendering Violence in De/Hyper-nationalized Spaces: Border Militarization, State Territorialization, and Embodied Politics at the US Mexico Border. Feminist (Im)Mobilities in Fortress(ing) North America

The US-Mexico border has been under heated argument whereby it is used to control mobility but at the same time, as a battleground for women’s torture and deaths. Although the intention was in good faith, many people suffer under the hands of the border patrol police. Under the umbrella of state, protection lies physical and psychic violence. The article is a book chapter retrieved from a book published by Taylor Francis Group, a reputable publisher globally.

Jones, R. & Johnson, C. (2016). Border militarisation and the re‐articulation of sovereignty. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, vol. 41(2)
There has been advancements in techniques and technologies applied in militarized borders in recent years. These military border advancements, both seen in EU and the US, indicate a change in sovereignty. With threats in global terrorism, there is a need to create barriers, security technologies, more funding, and more personnel. The endeavor is also used to prevent illegal immigrants in these countries. The journal is another that publishes geographic research and document it for a different use. I find the article important.
The Militarization Of Boarders


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