“The Morning Star’s Lattice Structure”

Read the case study “The Morning Star’s Lattice Structure” in Chapter 14 of our text. In a 2 page analysis, respond to all of the questions provided. Support your ideas with sources in addition to the text. Cite all sources, including your textbook, using the standard APA format. Include a title page, case summary, headings and conclusion in APA 7 format.

How would working for Morning Star be different from working at a traditional, bureaucratic company? What would be the most positive and negative aspects of the experience?Do you think the lattice structure is best for Morning Star? Can you identify another structure that might be more appropriate for the company’s culture of empowerment and self-management?Where do you think this type of lattice structure would be ineffective? What would make this type of structure inappropriate or difficult to implement? Attached Case study week6.PNG for reference.

Select one of the articles you intend to use as a reference for the final project. Write a 2 page paper that describes the article’s main point and its value – or lack thereof – to your research. Describe what you learned from the article and how it relates to your case study.

Sample Solution
“The Morning Star’s Lattice Structure”


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