The School Community and Relations

Understanding the Community
a. As a school administrator or a school public relations director, you need to know the power structure of the community. What three types would you try to identify? How would you do that?

b. What sources are presently in place to help school administrators understand the community served by your school district?

c. Discuss the advantages and limitations of the six methods of surveying as they pertain to your present school district.
My school district last year didn’t do Telephone Interviews, Automated Telephone Questionnaire Mailed Questionnaires that I am aware of. The district definitely have done personal interviews in which receive immediate results from the participant. We would send many of our children home with surveys that could be returned or they had the option of doing it online. Submitting surveys online worked well when receiving results from our parents and our students. Even with the online surveys, my school is in a high poverty so resources are limited to the families in the community. So many occasions we have printed surveys out and wait on members of the community to return them.

d. If you decided to use electronic surveying to find information about your school, what sources would you use to become versed on the subject?

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The School Community and Relations

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