The scientific method

The student will compose a brief essay (1-2 pages) identifying the parts of the scientific method including future research directions in current published research. This journal will have added focus on the ethical ramifications of the research. The scientific method must be clearly identified, discussed and, supported with evidence from the provided source; additional reliable sources may be referred to as a needed or required.The journal includes the following processes and requirements:• Start with an engaging attention getter, identifying the observation/problem addressed by the research; • Write a valid hypothesis statement which is addressed by the research in the article; • Identify additional parts to the scientific method including research methods, independent and dependent variables, results, and research conclusions; • Address the ethical implications of the current research; • End the journal definitively; • Use indirect quotes, examples, and evidence to support all points; • Properly organize information within and between paragraphs; • Format layout, citations, and references in correct.

Sample Solution
The scientific method

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