The use of XML documents in transferring data.

Project 1: XML Document Assignment Four will demonstrate the use of XML documents in transferring data. This will entail creating and validating an XML and XSD file and then upload that file to MS Access. Once successfully uploaded, the database will be completed by enforcing the referential integrity of the tables. You have a list of all the manufacturers that make the materials used in making your product. This list is comprised of a flat text file that contains over 150 manufacturers. Obviously, you do not want to type them all into your database. Each Manufacturer will have customer representatives (Contacts) working for them that deal directly with business-to-business (B2B) customers like yourself. Each Manufacturer will have at least one (1) Contact worker but never more than five (5) Contact workers. You will create an XML document and an accompanying XSD Schema definition file so you can upload the data to your MS Access database. You will start out just importing the first four (4) manufacturers in this list as a ‘proof of concept’. Using any flat text editor (i.e: Brackets –or- NotePad++) you will create a NEW XML data document. We highly recommend Notepad++ with the XML Tools plugin as it has a built in XML/XSD validator. Notepad++ is only available for Windows, however, it has been installed on MyVLab for macOS users. You are given all the data required to fill in to your XML document in a text file called: ManufacturersData.txt This file contains the first four manufactures you will import as a ‘proof of concept’. (note: you must upload ALL the characters exactly as they appear in the file – no changes are allowed to names, address, etc. and all special characters must be persevered

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The use of XML documents in transferring data.

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