Travel Tours short case study.

For Case 4, you will answer the questions to the Travel Tours short case study.Travel Tours specializes in personalized travel packages at popular prices, and the company operates 12 offices in major U.S. cities. A key selling point is the company’s client management database, which includes preferences such as airline seating choices and favorite hotels.Travel Tours purchased a client management software as an off-the-shelf vendor package and modified the program to meet the company’s needs. The package has been operational for one year and has performed well. Travel Tours, however, is in the process of expanding its operation to include six additional locations. You have been called in as a consultant to help the company make some decisions about IT support.1.What performance and workload measurement issues should the company consider at the present time?2.What capacity planning issues should the company consider at the present time?3.Should the company establish a system baseline before the integration of the six new sites? Explain your answer.4.As an IT consultant, you must understand the client’s business. From that perspective, consider the impact of the Internet on the travel agency business.

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Travel Tours short case study.

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