Twelfth Night.

The Paper is about Twelfth Night.For this Response Paper, I’d like you to read the following speeches and do two things.Write a brief paraphrase of each speech. Put the speech into your own words. (2-3 sentences)Find a metaphor and analyze it. Locate one image and write a sentence or two about what that image meansor suggests, or how it functions in the speech and connects to other images, or speculate why Shakespearechose that particular image. (2-3 sentences)Here are the speeches:Duke: “If music be the food of love, play on…” (I, i, 1-15).Viola: “There is a fair behavior in thee, captain” (I.2.47-61).Clown/Feste: “Two faults, madonna, that drink and good counsel will amend?” (I.v.39).Olivia: “O, you are sick of self-love, Malvolio…” (I.v.86).Viola: “Make me a willow cabin at your gate…” (I,v, 269-75)

Sample Solution
Twelfth Night.


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