Understanding Mark Twain (Reference two of Twains books)

Process To do this, you should become as familiar as you can with the scope of daily national and international news events. As often as possible, preferably on a daily basis, peruse the headlines and news stories of The New York Times at nytimes.com. Identify news stories whose themes you can relate in some way to one or more of the literary texts we’ve read in the course. Think about ways in which you might relate the literature we’ve read to some aspect of these news stories – what issues, questions, and conflicts resonate in both the news issue and the literature you’ve read? Once you decide on a news topic that interests you and one that parallels in some way the writings we’ve studied, learn more about the issue by clicking the Times Topics tab located in the row of files on the top left of the New York Times online screen on the first (main) page (just above the newspaper’s banner). On the Times Topics page, you’ll find a searchable index of all the archived stories about that topic. Read as many articles and relevant links as you are able to in order to gain a wide and deep knowledge about the topic. ( Write a 900-1200 word (3-4 page typed, double-spaced, 11 or 12-size font) discussion of how your reading of two of the assigned literary texts helps us to better understand the complex nature of a significant news event. Start by describing why the news event is significant and then develop a discussion about how the literary texts you’ve chosen especially resonate with the contemporary topic. What is similar in both the texts and the contemporary event? What are some notable differences in the texts and the contemporary event? How can you help your reader better understand the contemporary event thru the lens of the texts?

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Understanding Mark Twain (Reference two of Twains books)

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