University of Mississippi Medical Center Marketing Plan

The final project will assess your ability to synthesize the marketing principles by applying them to a health care organization. The end product will be a brief overview of a marketing plan for your organization (University of Mississippi Medical Center) Research your health service organization. Your research should take many forms, including academic research from the UMUC library. Research on the category of health services in which the organization belongs, e.g. hospitals, physician practice, etc., website review, review of similar services which would be considered direct competitors. Review the final project Power Point Template. See attached Template Use the market ing plan template to complete your Power Point Presentation. See attached template. Feel free to change the design and slide layouts in whatever way you feel best represents and communicates your best work. Be sure to remove any of the generic text provided to you for guidance. You will not be able to find out everything about your organization or its industry, some of the information is propriety, so be prepared to make some well-reasoned statements in your final project. Keep the Power Point presentation simple. Reserve the main portion of your presentation for your key findings, conclusions and recommendations. Use exhibits to add supplemental or source information such as charts and graphs.

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University of Mississippi Medical Center Marketing Plan

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