Visual Analysis

Choose 3 artworks from the list below. Write no more than 670 words about each of the 3 artworks
(3 separate pieces of writing of no more than 670 words each).

For each artwork address the following question:
How does the artwork communicate about the artist’s attitudes to, or understandings of,

• Describe the context of the work. When was it made? By whom? Where? • Consider your response to the work. • What ideas does it provoke? • What cultural or historical matters does the artwork seem to be addressing? • What medium does the artist choose and what is the connection between the medium and the concept? • How do qualities such as colour, light, shadow, space, affect the subject matter or concept of the work? • Contextualise your visual analysis with research about the artist, and their engagement with private and/or collective memory. It is essential to include footnotes and bibliography.

Sample Solution
Visual Analysis

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