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A subscription to the Wall Street Journal is essential for the course as each week’s discussion will be based ona close reading of the paper for that and the preceding week. Students are expected to forward to each week’sdiscussion posts, starting Week 2, which has a minimum of three to a maximum of five bullet points. Thesebullets should cover any topic reported in WSJ that will impact the external environment as well as reportinteresting new products or services that are being offered around the world. At the end of the semester,without noticing it, students will be pleasantly surprised in their increase in knowledge about a wide variety oftopics. They will also keep up with environmental scanning which is essential for a good marketeer.Please put at least three links to articles from the Wall Street Journal (in addition, please cite, date, section andpage number), and a brief description of the reasons why you think your choices are relevant in today’s world.Example of Wall Street Journal article:Post #1: Supreme Court Allows Extension for Mail-In Ballots in PennsylvaniaLink: https://www.wsj.com/articles/supreme-court-allows-extension-for-mail-in-ballots-in-pennsylvania11603149426?mod=hp_lead_pos3• Due to the increase of mail-in ballots in this presidential election, Pennsylvania’s highest court made thedecision to extend the deadline for mail-in ballot returns by three days. The supreme court refused to changethe previous court’s decision, so it was kept as is.• Pennsylvania is a huge state in this election and holds 20 electoral votes, so it will be a big win for whoevergets the state.• In 2016, the votes went to the republican candidate, but this year the polls show Biden in the lead, and withmore and more democrats opting to vote by mail, this will be very helpful towards the democratic candidate.• This decision, in my opinion, is great! For safety reasons, I opted to vote by mail and I am sure many peoplein Pennsylvania will too, and the extension will be a good cushion in case of mailing delays.

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Wall Street Journals Topic

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