wastewater treatment.

wastewater treatment.

Access to the Established Roads. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Transforming from a society of high energy use, mass production, growth-addicted and mass production to a society that can sustain itself in the future is a challenge that must be solved. The architectural practice has the role of ensuring that sustainability is maintained in construction. The architecture that is sustainable is one that takes less from the earth and gives more to people (East St Louis Action Research Project n.d., para 4). It will neighbor a community center that has a medical center, children’s playground, and a library.

There is a need to minimize the need for freshwater and effective ways of utilizing water are integrated into the school. Secondly, other water sources apart from the mains water, for example, greywater and rainwater can be utilized where suitable. Lastly, the elimination of grey, rain, and black water are also put in place. Minimizing the pressure on storm and rainwater is through recycling and water retention systems, SUD systems, and wastewater treatment. The secondary school project will utilize the three strategies so that it becomes water independent (Sassi 2006, ch.6).

The design of the SUDS (sustainable drainage urban systems), will have in-depth calculations. These calculations consider the kind of green roofs that preserve the waterproofing treatment and the impact of the energy effectiveness in the school buildings (Fernández & San Sebastián Sauto 2012, p.34). The SUDS is crucial in limiting the natural run-off that happens on the land before expansion, by reducing the speed of flow and enhance surface water run-off standard, before reaching the receiving watercourse. The Flood Risk Assessments by the Environment Agency states that SUDS are put into the project during the planning procedure for economical incorporation (Architecture Centre Network 2010, para 1)&nbsp.

It is paramount to utilize source control methods in drainage systems to treat stormwater coming from impermeable surfaces.
The post wastewater treatment.



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