Week 5 assignment

Week 5 assignment

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Purpose of Assignment

This case will assist you in seeing an income statement and cash flow projected; then you will apply capital budgeting analysis

Assignment Steps

CASE Details

Your company is thinking about acquiring another corporation. You have two choices – the cost of each choice is 250,000. You cannot spend more than that, so acquiring both corporations is not an option, The attached excel spreadsheet has your critical data — the projections have been done for you.

Open the spreadsheet, save it to your hard disk, and ONLY place your calculated answer in the yellow highlighted cells — the formula should be in the background of the yellow highlighted cell. If you need assistance with Excel capital budgeting formulas, see the spreadsheet I have left you below under Resources. Do NOT send in more than the completed spreadsheet — do NOT add any formulas in other areas of the spreadsheet — I will ONLY grade what is in the highlighted cells.


After your completion, submit the above excel attachment . This is an Individual assignment, not a team assignment — please complete on your own.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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Week 5 assignment


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