Week 7 response to peers DQ two

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn. Peer one: My project is based on the impact of fall and related injury occurring in patient unit in the hospital/ behavioral health unit. Falls on inpatient psychiatry units are understudied. On the basis of fall injury program characteristics across multiple inpatient psychiatry units, we developed and implemented an operational strategic plan to address each falls prevention program element and enhance program infrastructure and capacity. Expert faculty provided lectures, coaching, and mentoring through biweekly conference and collaborative with calls and e-mails. Findings support continued efforts to integrate measures to reduce serious fall-related injuries. Key words: fall prevention, fall-related injuries, falls; our program evaluation included both quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative methods analyzed changes in organizational fall injury program elements and analysis of fall and fall injury data over time. Qualitative data were…
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