wellness model 3

wellness model 3

Rationale: Pre-industrial era of medicine was more beneficial to achieving a positive outcome for the sick then -industrial era that exists today.

Thesis/Problem statement: Most have an opinion regarding the current health care system, changes, cost and reform. However, often these decisions do not include all of the components that have power to positively change one’s health. For the health care system to improve with changes in cost and reform it most create a Culture of Wellness. Simply by reverting to the Wellness model and alleviating the Medical model would in the end create a journey on a path to recovery.

A. Medical Model of care vs. Wellness Model of care
Define medical model
Define wellness model
Support differences of both compared from past to present
Pre-industrial era
Post- industrial era
Compare statistics of improvements
Improvement rate of specific illnesses treated Medical model
(b). Improvement rate of same specific illnesses treated Wellness model




wellness model 3



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