What Philosophy Means to You

You already have a philosophy of life, a conceptual framework that influences your decision-making process. This set of beliefs and values that you have been consciously or unconsciously developing throughout your life is what guides you when faced with a moral, ethical, religious, or political question. When you try to make sense of the news, assess your relationship to your relatives or friends, or make long-term decisions about where and how you are going to live, you are relying on your conceptual framework. Examining your belief system and challenging your views on life’s important issues can help you arrive at a well-supported knowledge of yourself. To start you on this process of inquiry, in this Discussion Assignment you are asked to evaluate 12 statements related to the various branches of philosophy.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Complete the “What Is Your Philosophy?” survey in the Resources.Review the branches of philosophy as described in the “What is Philosophy” Resource.Consider which statements were the hardest to respond to and why.Reflect on how these difficult dilemmas relate to each other and your current situation in life.

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