What was Horace Silver’s main instrument?

What was Horace Silver’s main instrument?

Give a correct short answer to each question (Use whole sentences!). Read the attachment files to find the answer to the question.

Give a basic definition/description of “hard bop” as given on page 3 of the reading.What was Horace Silver’s main instrument?Who was Art Blakey? (What was his band? What instrument did he play? )Which player in the reading was mentioned as being very important for his recruitment and mentoring of young musicians?What is the typical instrumentation for an organ trio from this time?Who was (and probably still is) considered the “King” of the jazz organ players?What instrument did Wes Montgomery play?What instrument did Cannonball Adderley play and what style does the reading associate him with?We listened to many examples of hard bop in this unit, plus a set of mp3s was provided which included even more. Tell me what you think in general about hard bop. Which players did you like the most and least? Could you see yourself searching out more of this style? This one question is worth 4 points, so think about it a little and give me a thoughtful and thorough answer.

Files: 7 The Mentor-Art Blakey.pdf, 5 Horace Silver.pdf, 8 The Organ Trios (1).pdf, 3 Hard Bop.pdf, 12 Hard Bop Conclusions.pdf, 1 Hard Bop.pdf, 10 Soul Jazz and Cannonball Adderley.pdf
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