Why was there such a contradiction?

Why was there such a contradiction?

Chapter 13 discussion:

California entered the Union as a free state, but it did not demonstrate equality for all men. How so? Why was there such a contradiction?
How does the Compromise of 1850 foreshadow the coming of the Civil War?
Who deserves the most blame for the Civil War—Harriett Beecher Stowe, John Brown, or Dred Scott? Justify your choice
Chapter 14 discussion:

The Emancipation Proclamation actually freed no slaves. Yet, President Lincoln is credited with freeing the slaves. Why?
Why would Southerners hesitate about having Blacks join the Confederate Army?
Why did the North takes so long to win?

Chapter 15 discussion:

If you were a Southerner, on whom would you place more blame for your situation after the Civil War, Northerners or slaves? Why?
If you were a Freedman, what would you do within the first month of obtaining your freedom? What would you need to achieve that?
After the Civil War, were all citizens free and equal? Explain.
Why was there such a contradiction?



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