Wine & Bar Essay

Students are expected to select and pick up only 3 questions they wish to answer on the listed Short Answer Questions list. Students are expected to write between a minimum of 300 Words to a maximum of 450 Words for each of the Short Answer Questions they had selected. at the end of their paper, a minimum of 5 references (references should follow Harvard Referencing) that helped them to support their answers. All written assignment should follow good writing standards (Arial or Helvetica font 11 – spacing 1 to 1.5), be spell checked and logically structured to guide the reader.- All lectures/slides from week 2 – 10 on Moodle. – All learning materials (video, article, infographics, …) from week 2 – 10 on Moodle * – All discussions/topics from week 2 – 10. – Quiz and essay
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