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I need an explanation for this Statistics question to help me study. Problem 32. Race and smoking 2013 Data collected in 2013 by the behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System revealed that in the state of New Jersey, 14.7% of whites and 18.8% of blacks were cigarette smokers. Suppose these proportions were based on samples 11,112 white and 1916 blacks. A) Create a 90% confidence interval for the difference in the percentage of smokers between black and white adults in New Jersey. B) Does the survey indicate a race-based difference in smoking among American adults? Explain, using your confidence interval to test an appropriate hypothesis. C) What alpha level did you test use? Answer link below https://www.slader.com/textbook/9780321986498-stat… Problem 40. Politics and sex One month before the election, a poll of 630 randomly selected voters showed 54% planning to vote for a certain candidate. A week later, it became known that he…
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