writing 4 papers

writing 4 papers

Assignment 1

i. Using three relevant examples each, describe the three concepts of reasonable objective?

ii. Is it possible to eliminate all workplace hazards, discuss?

iii. What is the difference between safety and health?

iv. Identify four environmental issues that have received major public emphasis in the twenty-first century?

v. What is ANSI, and what relationship does it have to the field of safety and health?

vi. Compare the mission of OSHA and EPA. Why might the same person within a given industrial plant have the responsibility for dealing with both agencies?

vii. Check the latest news release from OSHA as posted on their website


Marks would be awarded based on the relevance of your answers to the questions

Your submission MUST NOT be less than two pages

References should be property cited where necessary, APA style only

Presentation should be Times New Roman, fonts 12, 1.5 spacing.

Assignments would be turned in and students with unusually high plagiarism level would automatically score a zero.

Any late submission WOULD NOT be graded.
writing 4 papers


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